Saturday, 12 February 2011

Weekend Is Here

I had oh so many plans for today, lots of little jobs I wanted to get done, and some little jobs for the kids to do. {B} has gone to watch tangled with my sisterso only have {S} & {LM} at home, my poor wee sis can't cope with all 3 at once, so {B} has go today, {S} is going next week to see Gnomeo & Juliet and then she is taking {LM} to a huge play center. Unless another kiddie type film comes out my sis wants to see in the mean time.
So I had my little list of things I wanted to tackle:
  • Sort out coats and bags in launchpad
  • Sort out shelf and window sill in launchpad
  • Clear of butchers block (it lives at the bottom end of the launchpad)
  • Neaten under stairs
  • Sort out shoe box
Now all these little jobs are in one area, but a comment from Kia the other day made me realise something...Kia said:
As for getting organized - one little step at a time. If you do too much too soon you burn out and then everything goes back to step 1 again (been there done that). Make a list of small projects, so rather than "do room xyz" think more like do this or that area of room xyz...
And she is so totally right. So my theroy now is to break everything down into bitesize chunks, if I complete them in one go, then great, if not, it's no bother. As long as I made a start and things are a little better than before.

Anyway, things we a little west, shall we say. I had a slight disagreement with {TH} last night, ok I confess it was a huge disgareement. You know when things bubble away and you just blow up? Yep that what me last night, the biggest issue was {TH} wasn't actually in! I sent him an email (I know gutless) but after I sent it I felt so much better. Anyway, {TH} was at his friends and when he goes there he stays over, so he can have a drink and no worry about getting. He didn't stay, he woke me up at 4am this morning. We had a heart to heart and sorted things out, so today I'm not doing anything, but spending time with him. Sneaking on to make this post while he watches the match hehe

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