Wednesday, 9 February 2011

So Far.....

....So good. I am plodding along at my own steady pace. I had my placement in the school this morning, which was brilliant, I had a fabby morning and learned some new things. Came away at lunch time very pleased with myself. I had a dentist app this afternoon, which I was not looking forward too. When I went 2 weeks ago, I was meant to be having a small filling behind one of my front teeth, however I broke a tooth, so that had to be repaired first, which meant today was filling day again! I do not like needles at all so having anesthetic is no fun for me. I got there and she poked and prodded a wee bit and explained that the very small hole was still very small but none the less still needed filling, she also wanted to carry out some work on another tooth, but we agreed that I could have this with no pain relief. So at last only one side of my mouth was numb. She did all the work and I coped very well, I think it helps that my dentist sings along to the radio (even if she doesn't know the right words) and really puts you at ease. She then gave me a (free) polish. So although I am only just now (5hrs later) getting the feeling back in my mouth - it was worth it.
Needless to say, this hasn't left me alot of time to get on with decluttering and cleaning the remaining rooms on my list. So all I've actually done today is hoover the downstairs. Not much but that little thing now doesn't need doing again till Friday.
Now I know that I'm not going to get anything done tomorrow or Friday. Tomorrow I have my placement in the morning again andtomorrow afternoon I am staying in school to study. Friday morning I will bein school doing some last minute studying before the kids break up and in the afternoon I have some governor/parent duties. So I don't forsee anything else getting done till the weekend.
Saturday I will see what I can do with my launchpad, but not hopeful of anything really. I have no money to buy some of the fabby things I have seen, like this shoe rack {HERE} (only in white) and matching coat hook {HERE} (again in white) and I think these mirrors are just awesome {HERE} & {HERE}. Maybe a quick spruce up with be enough :) Just thinking about it though...I have a mirror in my hall above a shelf, the mirror is pine and the shelf a dark wood, maybe if I painted them both white, and maybe something funky to pop on the mirror frame that would improve the look loads.....I wonder what bits of tat I can find in the poundshops lol

Now before I go, please check out this post {HERE} by Kia, especially if you are a fellow UK'er :)

Anyway until the weekend........


  1. Ouchies for the dentist visit.
    As for getting organized - one little step at a time. If you do too much too soon you burn out and then everything goes back to step 1 again (been there done that). Make a list of small projects, so rather than "do room xyz" think more like do this or that area of room xyz...

    I think you're doing fab, especially as you have to work around many small people and big people too, school work, pta, etc - wonder woman for sure!

    As for the launch pad... I have no hope, even if we had the pennies to do anything - take a look at what I have to work with - yikes LOL

  2. I know I have to take it step by step, but you when it you get yourself worked into a tizzy and want it done there and then? That's kind of how I feel at the minute. I just know that when everything is done (cleared and decluttered) it will be so much easier to keep it nice and tidy and I can concentrate on trying to get things more organised and do the odd jobs that need doing everywhere lol
    Off to looksie at your launchpad