Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Day Three

Ok it's several (2) days since Day Two, so technically I'm on day 5, but since I haven't really done anything since Saturday (day 2) it's my Day 3, confused? Me too lol

I set myself a target today, quite a big one. I wanted to tackle the dining room, which is a dumping ground for everyone and everything. {TH}'s desk could only just be seen under all the crap, the kids crafty stuff was just dumped under the coffee table, the coffee table itself was relativley (sp) tidy, but the main table was yucky! It didn't get cleaned yesterday so was awful, last nights tea, this mornings breakfast - a delight lol

Ok some before pics for you
 {Click for larger pics}
First things first, I cleared the table off and gave it a quick wipe over. Afterall all the junk stuff from everywhere else was going to be dumped on this table, so no point cleaning it properly, I just wanted rid of the crumbs and spilt milk and juice

I then stacked everything from everywhere else onto the table and sorted it. I binned alot of the stuff of {TH}'s desk (he hoards some crap, let me tell you that!) I then cheked the kids crafty stuff, made sure everything was complete and the boxes were all closed propely. Onto the games, removed batteries (before they get a chance to leak) and again made sure all the bits where there and the boxes were properly closed.
Due to my dining room also being a throughfair for getting from the kitchen to the lounge I have to clean and mop in sections, for some reason I also find this easier for me. I cleaerd everything off the fire and put my VW's in the sink for a wash

Some in the middle of everything pics 
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My melted record fruit bowl that {TH} made me ages ago, draining after a quick dip in the sopay suds

So I dragged the table away from the wall, wiped the skirting boards amd walls behind where the table sits a, swept that part and mopped it.
It was then pretty much a case of wiping everything down, polishing where needed and putting everything back where it belonged. Mopping as I went.

I ended up with this :)

 {Click for larger pics}

A nice clean room :) and now it's fully done, hopefully it will be easier to manage

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