52 Weeks

My List
an ongoing process to get this list to 52 things!!!

  1. Organise 'The Man Drawer' (I so love Michael McIntyre hehe)
  2. Declutter lounge fireplace
  3. Sort the girls wardrobes (set of 3 build in wardobes - containing my stuff as well as theirs)
  4. Sort {TB}'s wardrobes (set of 2 built in wardobes - containing my stuff as well as his)
  5. Sort {S}'s bedroom drawers
  6. Sort kitchen cupboard above toaster
  7. Sort kitchen cupboard above kettle
  8. Sort tinned food cupboard
  9. Sort baking/overflow cupboard
  10. Sort kids crafty stuff/games table
  11. Sort junk cupboard
  12. Sort under sink
  13. Clean fridge/freezer
  14. Clean & declutter {TH}'s desk 
  15. Put at least 3 (matching) shelves in alcoves of lounge 
  16. Sort out under the bed (I'm scared of under my bed) 
  17. Buy storage boxes/files/magazine storage/small plastic storage tubs 
  18. Make on those cute peg hanger thingies I saw on someones (forget who) blog  
  19. Create a 'quiet/reading' spot in the mad house 
  20. Paint the launchpad
  21. Jazz up the mirror (paint & decorate)
  22. Create my HMB