Monday, 14 March 2011

What I've Done or Not Done

I saw on a blog the other day (again I forget whose sorry) and I saw on Kia's blog yesterday a What I've Done Today post. When I first saw it I thought I must do one of those on my blog, then promptly forgot all about it, until I saw Kia's post last night. I then made a wee note and was adament I would add one today.........

What I've Done Today

In the Kitchen I have:
- wiped down all surafces
- cleaned the cooker top (oven is {TH}'s job!)
- wiped down all the tiles
- wiped down all door fronts
- washed the rings and thingie-me-bobs off the top of the cooker (technically the dishwasher did this part)
- washed all dished that are not dishwasher friendly
- cleaned out the inside of the microwave
- took the rubbish (trash) out
- hoovered and mopped the tiled floor
In the lounge I have:
- picked up all laundy left by the kidlets this morning
- put away all PS3 accessories left out 
-checked the snake eggs and changed the water (did I tell you my one of my other snakes, the black laid eggs on friday? we now have 16 eggs we are trying to incubate)
- dusted
- hoovered
- opened the window to get some air in, now the weather is better
In the dining room I have:
- cleared the table of junk
- wiped the table down
- picked up bits of this and that
- wiped the fire over
- swept, hoovered and mopped the floor 
 In the hallway/launchpad I have: 
- hoovered the floor
- tidied the videos and game away
- put all the shoes back in the shoe box that had escaped
- cleared my hot spot butchers block!!!
- sorted mail and tidied shelf under mirror (removing {B}'s crap she left there this morning when doing her hair!)
In the laundry room I have:
- wiped the washer over
- wiped the dryer over
- swept, hoovered and mopped

In General I have also:
- emptied and washed all ashtrays
- emptied all bins and put rubbish in outside bin
- put things back in their homes 
- done a load of washing
- folded and put away last nights load
- made a pile for each child of their stuff that needs to be put away in their rooms

What I've Not Done Today
In the kitchen I have not:
- emptied, cleaned inside and re-jigged the cupboards
- cleaned the window frames and windows
In the lounge I have not:
- striped the fire down and cleaned it out
- cleaned the window frames and windows
- cleaned the tv
- hoovered under the sofa's
In the dining room I have not:
- cleaned the window frames and windows
- cleaned the mirror
In the hallway/launchpad I have not:
- cleaned the mirror
- wiped down the front door
- cleaned the window sill or window
- tackled the stairs

In General I have not:
- done anything upstairs
- done anything in the master bedroom
- cleaned the en-suite

All in all though I think I've had quite a productive day and am pleased with myself

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  1. Well, I'm exhausted just reading it, never mind actually doing it!

    Great work hun, I'm proud of how much you do.