Sunday, 13 March 2011

My Blog Buddy

I am so proud of my blog buddy Kia, you can find her over @ A View From Here, she (like myself) is on a mission to de-clutter and organise her life, home and her hubby hehe. I've known Kia for ages, we met through an yahoo group for taggers and she is totally awesome, she has helped me out on more than occation with various things. Although we have never met (I do plan on popping down to see her some time this year) I consider her a friend and one I'm proud of. Her success in de-cluttering and organising has been awesome so far, I know she still has some way to go but she is making so much progress. She is my muse, when she tackles something I haven't managed to do I have to either do it or add it to my list hehe. She constantly finds awesome blogs that I need to follow.

So I just wanted everyone to know how proud I am of Kia (and her hubby) and how much she has put me to shame this week lol, she has romped away while I'm still stuck at the starting line lol

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