Monday, 14 March 2011

How Often.......

Jen over at OCD (Organized and Clean Design) has a series titled: How Often You Clean It...?

I thought I would condense these posts down to one post :)

#1 - The Toaster
I wipe my toaster down daily. I empty the crumb tray and hoover (yes I hoover my toaster) once a week. {TB} is a bugger for toast. He has toast for breakfast, if he's peckish in the day he has toast, for supper he has toast. That boy would live on toast if he could! So my toaster gets used pretty heavily and needs to cleaned out regularly. I hoover it because no matter how hard I shake it over the bin there is always crumbs left behind, so I get the hoover in there 

#2 - Behind the Washer and Dryer
I would love to say 'oh all the time' but that would be a big fat stinky lie. I do pull my dryer out once every couple of weeks and hoover/mop behind it. My washer - NEVER!. We did clean behind th epace where it lives before we put it there, but due to its position and pipes going through the wall, I am not planning in pulling it out any time soon to clean behind it. I do hoover the fluff catcher thingie in the front of the dryer at least once a fortnight

#3 - The Ceiling Fans
Never! I don't have ceiling fans hehe. There are not common in homes in the UK, I know people who have them but not like you do stateside. We have a desk fan that lives in the bedroom next to {TH}'s lappy and I hoover that once a week. In the summer (if its warm) and the fans come in out the garage I'll clean them once a week too, they get a wipe down and a hoover.

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