Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Organising Finances

I was following Toni over @ A Bowl Full Of Lemons with the weekly challenge of organising our finances....However, after talking it over with {TH} he said we would be best waiting to start at the beginning of the month. Our big payday is at the end of the month and thats when I normally work our budget out, so being mid month we are a little hit and miss. So I am reading all Toni's posts and making a list of things I need to do or buy, that way I am totally prepared to sort my budget at the end of the month ready for next month. I will get on top of our finances.

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  1. When finances were tight, I had weekly bill paying/finance time, which was Friday nights. I had good success with that. Since my Dh did all the shopping and cooking when raising our girls, he had a separate checking account just for food. That helped too. He sort of had to stay within budget! Good luck!