Tuesday, 8 February 2011

52 Weeks & Kia

Kia, is my de-cluttering buddy, although until she reads this post she is unaware lol *waves @ Kia* You see, like me, Kia lives in the UK, she is also a self confessed clutter monster and I'm betting from some of her blog posts, a hoarder (like me). I can't bare (or is it bear?) to throw things away that 'might' one day be A) Useful again or B) Useful for a different purpose than which is was designed. Either way if I think that one day in the future I may use the item again I will hoard it away (you so do not want to see my garage!)
Anyway I digress, Kia is like me and she is always posting wee tit-bits on her blog about what challenge she overcame (the dust bunnies under the bed was the latest one hehe) or what plans she has to make herself, her home and quite possibly her hubby, more oranganised. She inspires me to get on and get myself more organised and have a neater home, so I don't panic when I know people are coming round. She has links to some amazing blogs and I think most of the blogs I follow now were found via Kia.
Kia's latest mission is 52 weeks of organising, which now I know is out there am going to join in with too. It's on another blog (that I MUST follow lol) and I will pop the info in another post.
I guess this post was just for me to acknowdge Kia and how she has inspired me to do what I'm doing.
Thank You Kia x

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