Thursday, 10 February 2011


I somewhat broke my blog slightly....whoopsies. I wanted a 3 column layout, but in trying to do that (which I couldn't do by the way) I seem to have reset everything else. So now I have boses round my pics and my links are the wrong colour. Right now I just cba to put it right. I've had one of those days and now all I really want to do is go to bed, which is not an option at a little after 6pm on a Thursday. 

We ({TH} & I) moved our dryer inside today, I don't remember if I mentioned I was waiting on a condenser box to arrive in the post. Quick recap - dryer has always lived in the garage, not enough room in the kitchen for it. Yet it can be a royal pain in the bum, when at 6:30am you (I) remember that I didn't take out uniforms/towels/whatever from the dryer the night before, so no matter what the weather or how grim it is I have to trapse outside in my pj's to get the stuff out the dryer. We don't have an internal door to the garage (wish we did) So we decided to purchase a condenser box, the pipe from the dryer goes into this box, along with 2 cups of cold water and stops the whole house steaming up and getting damp. The great thing was it only cost me £9.95 (inc postage) and I got 2 of those dryer ball thingie-me-bobs. With the shift round we've had these past few weeks, the dryer now has a permanent place to live, along with the hoover(s), ironing board and our wardrobe. So I (ok we) have acomplished something today, even if it is only something small. All we need to do now is get a curtain pole and a curtain to hide it all away as there is no door to where everything now lives. As soon as we get the curtain up I will share some before and after pics (before pics will contain dryer as I forgot to take them before it came in lol)

I also spoke with {TH} about the shelf in launchpad that i wanted to paint, he says that due to the amount of varnish on the shelf it would take hours of work to strip it down and probably wouldn't be worth all the effort:( but he added, that if I paint the mirror frame white (like I want to) and jazz it up (he is not impressed with my jazzing up idea but hey ho never mind lol) that, that alone will brighten the hallway up. It will also act as base coat for painting it a different colour when we finally get round to re-painting the whole launchpad area. I want to ty and do that next month, but as usual {TH} and I can not agree on a colour scheme. I ideally want to paint one wall (the one with the mirror on) a deep colour, maybe a deep pink or teal with the other walls brilliant white. Not sure {TH} is going to agree with me (he never does)I found these fabby colours on Crown, I'm sure {TH} will like one of these :)
{Click for larger pic)

I think either one of those colours, would look great down one wall with everything else white and the yucky brown shelf would have to come down and something else to drop my keys on some where else, maybe behind the door......
Oh well only time will tell :)

Quick Edit: After looking at colours for my hall I went back to the crown website and picked out colours for other rooms, you can find it up there ^^^ under Colour Scheme Ideas

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