Sunday, 13 February 2011

New Printer & Merit System

I ordered my new printer yesterday. I've had my old one around 7 years and it's huge! It doesn't fit under my desk properly and to replace the ink costs a fortune. So I ordered a new one, it was on sale and comes with extra ink cartridges and some paper
To be honest these last few years we (as a household) have not needed a printer. If {TB} needed to print something for school, he took a memory stick into school and printed it off in the library or ITC suite. On the rare occation I needed to print something {TB} either took it to school for me or I mailed it to my mum. However now being at college and a governor for the school I need to print stuff out almost weekly. So I decided I needed to buy my own. The only problem I have at the moment is, it didn't give any dimensions so I have no idea how big or small it is. As you remember when I sorted my desk out I put my nice basket underneath to store all my papers, folders etc etc. I'm going to have to rehome this now as the printer is going to have to live in that shelf, either that or I somehow manage to wangle it going on {TH}'s desk (not much room there either though). I think I may have to bully {TH} (alot) this net week to put up at least one shelf for me to put all my files on. I'll figure something out - I always do hehe

Anyway today is Sunday, {S} has been a total nightmare so far today, he's taken Polly (my chihuahua) upstairs, been messing in the snake tank, screaming, shouting, running up and downstairs, generally being a total PITA. Bfore school finished on Friday, I went in and paid £30 for all three of them to do after school clubs. I signed {B} up for choir, (she loves to sing), {LM} up for gymnastics and {S} up for rugby. However I'm not sure he will get to go if his behaviour does not vastly improve. At school they have a merit system, when they are good/do things well, they get rewarded with merits. Each child has their own merit card and when they get so many they can cash them in for a prize or they can save for better prizes. They are only small things, like a cushion for the day, sitting on the teachers chair, being the teachers PA for the day etc. The class where I do my placement, if they get 100 merits they get a subway lunch! paid for by the teacher, needless to say he is is quite stingy in giving out merits (who can blame him lol) So I went and spoke to {S}'s class teacher and asked if I could get a merit card and we could try the merit system at home. It's something all 3 children understand so I figured it was worth a try. I got 3 merits cards and then decided (as you do) to make my own lol. I'm currently trying to work out rewards and the merit system will start tomorrow, they will just have a temp chart until my printer arrives and I can print off the ones I have made. These are the rewards I have so far:

10 Merits                    Extra 10 minutes after everyone goes to bed
20 Merits                    
30 Merits                    Lucky Dip
40 Merits                    Have the TV choice for 30 minutes            
50 Merits                    30 Minutes PC time
60 Merits                    30 Minutes on either Wii or 64
70 Merits                    Have the TV choice for the whole night!
80 Merits                   
90 Merits                    Magazine of your choice from Tommy’s
100 Merits      

As you can see I am still working on 20, 80 and 100. I want the 100 merit reward to be specific to that child, so {B}'s could be a new book (she loves to read). The lucky dip was an idea from one of the teachers. She said go spend a couple of pounds on small things all the kids like, like colouring pencils, paper, colouring books etc etc. Give each item a number and put all the numbers in a tub and let them pick on. I'm trying to do things that either cost nothing or cost very little, it's actually not as easy as I first thought it would be lol

Anywho, my mum and wee sis are due to visit soon, so I best get on and get dressed and clean the table of breakfast remnants 

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