Thursday, 17 February 2011


Personally, yes. I feel quite alot better in myself. Think maybe I was having a few off days as today (and yesterday) I was quite springy. {TH} however, he's still really poorly, still not 100% whats wrong with him, but if he's no better tomorrow I will be calling the GP out. So I've been running solo these last 2 days, just me and the kidlets. I've not done great at keeping on top of the housework, in fact yesterday all I managed was load/unload the dishwasher and wipe the kitchen surfaces down. I was so tired it. Due to {TH} being ill, I decided it was safer to sleep on the sofa Tuesday night. OMG how uncomfy of our sofa's to sleep on? We have 2 2 seater leather sofa's that are kinda square in design and you just can't get comfy on them. So I only managed to get about 5 hrs sleep and that was broken. I'm an 8 hours a night girl so trying to manage on 5 was awful. I managed to sneak in about 30 mins with the kids while they watched TV, but as any mum knows, sleeping while the kids are awake is no easy task! 

I planned to get more done today, however things never go to plan and apart from a quick whip round with the hoover didn't do much else. I have decided I dislike my house, very much today. Before christmas I had a major clear out and moved everything out of the lounge that we ({TH} & I) deemed un-nessassry, it went into boxes in the garage (in parts  that don't leak!) The bare bones of our lounge, however, are not bare bones like people would think. I have DVD's, Wii games, PS3 games & books that are at the moment housed on either the shelves of my fireplace or in the unit where the Wii/PS3/Sky Box live. Neither of which look remotely tidy and no matter what I do, everything always looks crammed in. I've run out of idea's of what to do. We don't have the finances to buy any storage units, nor to build shelves. I don't want to put my books in the garage as it's damp in there and I don't want to ruin them. I also do not want to part with them. So short of kicking {TB} out and using his bedroom as storage, I'm at a stop. I hate it when I feel like this, as not matter how clean and tidy the rest of the room is, these 2 spots make it look untidy, so I think (and I know I shouldn't) why bother with the rest of the room? It's going to look untidy no matter what I do so why do anything. {TH} is neither use nor ornament as he has no idea's or says 'just wait till we have some spare cash and I'll put shelves up' Problem is, I don't want to wait. I want to get at least one room fixed up and finished so I like it. I've been all over the net looking for idea's, they are either way out our price range (even in future) or just not suitable for our room. The alcoves either side of the fire are not the same size and the radiator goes into on and the ceiling lowers where the window is. It's a total nightmare
I'm also going off the shelving idea, I would love to have floor to ceiling cupboards in both alcoves, not full cupboards, half cupboard, half shelved. I could use one side as a desk, meaning my huge desk could go, the other side as storage, however that woud cost a fortune and {TH} isn't that good at DIY. I'm going round in circles and getting myself more and more worked up over it.

All in all I think, at least today, this house is my enemy. Or at least the landlady who,(in my opinion) didn't plan it too well when she had the extention build and doors bricked up and moved. I guess the layout worked great for her and her family, it just isn't working to well for me and mine. Thing is, I love the size of the house, I just dislike certain aspects of it. Until I win the lottery I will never have the 'perfect' house. To be honest I think even if I built my own house it would still have flaws. Life changes, so what suits today may not suit tomorrow. Today not much suits, yet I know that like everything else I will get over it, fix the issues and move on. {TH} has said when he is feeling better he will check the charity shops and see if we can find a solution there. I love charity shops, one mans junk truelly is another mans treasure. We've had many a bargain from the charity shops over the years. So hopefully they will come good again.

On a different note, the kidlets and I have been watching the Harry Potter films. We started at The Philosophers Stone and are now 1/2 way through The Half Blood Prince. We had to stop 1/2 way as {B} was getting tired and I wasn't making the mistake of watching more after she went to bed only to have to re-watch it so she could catch up. We did plan on watching the rest of it tonight, but {TH} is watching his beloved Liverpool so no Harry for us. I've read all 7 books and loved them, not that I haven't loved the films, just not as much. I think I may have to watch the end of #6 tonight and let the kids watch it tomorrow day. I can't remember exactly how the book ends, so am eager to watch the film hehe. I also think that Helena Bonham Carter is great as Bellatrix LeStrange. I especially like the part where she is running through the (wheat) fields singing 'I killed Sirius Black' it just makes me giggle. 

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