Monday, 14 February 2011

And It's Only 3pm

First (official) day of the school half term and I've had it all. Tantrums, arguements, fights, you name it this morning {B}, {S} & {LM} have done it! it did partially go in my favour, I've not had to listen to iCarly, Ben 10, FiFi etc etc all day AND I got help with my cleaning. They've cleaned all their crafty stuff aay neatly after dragging everything out. They've tied their own bedrooms, helped clean the lounge, dining room and launchpad woohoo. We've had quite a successful day of cleaning, although I apprecitate all the help they have given me, but I'd much rather not have had the arguements etc etc and done everything myself.

So I'm having the rest of the day off, the upstairs/bedrooms/bathrooms can all wait until tomorrow

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