Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Busy Day

I've had a quite a busy day today. {TH} got up this morning feeling awful, in fact is exact words where "I feel like I'm dying" not sure how he knows what it feels like to be dying and didn't ask. I had to go out today the pole I reserved yesterday had to be collected today or I couldn't guarantee getting it. I also had a few other things I needed to grab, like dog food. I explained to the kids that daddy wasn't feeling very well and they needed to be extra good while I nipped out. I prepared their lunch for them and made up juice, so {TH} didn't need to do anything, except tell them when it was lunch time. I got all the colouring stuff I could find out and dug out some lined paper for them too, found glue and child safe scissors and gave them the stack on junk mail and flyers that were awaiting being took out to the recycle bin. I figured they could cut them up and make pictures etc etc and that would keep them fairly happy while I was out.
I got what I needed and stuff I didn't, bleach was on offer 3 for £2 so I grabbed 3, well I won't have to buy it again for a while. I nipped to see {TH}'s aunt & uncle, they live round the corner from the shopping center. Picked up my Avon order that arrived today 4 x 1lts bottles of bubble bath, it was on offer in the last brochure so I stocked up. Of course I had to take a look at the new brochure....I ordered a new hairbrush (1/2 price), 4 bottles of detangling spray (1/2 price) for {LM}'s hair and the coolest tote bag I've seen (£3 off) which I thought would be fabby for school and college. I just tried finding a pic online but it seems they haven't updated to the new brochure yet. I can't say no to a bargain lol.

Home I came, my table was immaculate and the kids were watching tv with {TH}. Apparantly after about 20mins they got board of cutting up paper and glueing it and wanted to watch TV instead. {TH} made them tidy away all their mess before letting them watch TV. 

So with {TH} being ill it looks like my curtain pole will have to wait, as capable as I am to wield a power tool {TH} believes it to be 'his job' and gets uppity when I do things like that. So I will leave it till he is feeling better and get my curtain pole up and curtains too.

Oh yeah, I did get the paper for my priner and get it all hooked up and running. Although in typical fashion I made a slight boo boo. As part of the install process it wants to print a photo, so I picked a photo of my kids and away I went, however I didn't change the size, so I only have a 1/4 of the image lol. It's very good quality though


  1. Awesome {TH} made them clean up before watching tv, makes you feel good when it feels like someone else is on side with keeping things nice and clean and tidy ;)

    Ste likes to do the manly DIY stuff too, unfortunately he is DIY challenged - which resulted in him sulking yesterday!

  2. Yeah I think he's learning slowly that I am not here to pick up after everyone, plus the kids need to be a little more independant and cleaning up after themselves. {TH} is very good with DIY I just have to keep on at him to do as he gets easily sidetracked, he'll go to get his drill and find something more interesting to do in the garage.
    Maybe you should give Ste some lessons stop the sulking :p