Monday, 14 February 2011


My new printer has arrived and it plugged and NOT ready to go. Everything you need comes in the box, printer, inks (+ spares), leads, install disk & photo paper. So you'd think I'd be a happy bunny and able to print out everything I need to print....WRONG. The one thing I didn't buy and didn't think to buy was plain paper. {TH} didn't think too either. Seems both of us read the description totally wrong.

Description read: 
HP Photosmart C4780 & 300 inkjet cartridge & tri-colour inkjet photo starter pack + 50 sheets photo paper

Now anyone (with a brain) can see that says photo paper but uh-oh not me or {TH}, we just read paper, so we thought I'd be getting some paper to set up the printer with. So tomorrow when I nip to pick up a curtain pole I reserved I need to grab some plain paper so I can finish the set up of the printer. I've got as far as printing the test sheet. I did try it on lined paper but nope that didn't work right - did I really think it would? Nope not really but a girls got to try lol

{TH} grabbed the most fabulous curtains from town the other day (in the sale) to go in the lounge. They have huge great big purple flowers on them and I thought it would finally mean not only getting rid of the yucky terracotta curtains in the lounge but also would mean I could at last paint the chimney breast wall, which is painted terracotta (to match the curtains). However it is not to be.
The curtains {TH} bought are tab topped and the window in the lounge does not have the right pole. It's a half bay window so putting up the right type of pole would be a nightmare. We'd have to cut the pole and try to join it where the bay bit is. Which is a no go. 
So the curtains are going in the dining room instead. We have a full size bay in the dining room, but we already have a pole up there and it's outside the bay. It also means the curtains currently up in the dining room will be going in the new laundry room so we don't have to look in there. Alls well that ends well I guess.

Will take some pics tomorrow before and after

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