Friday, 18 February 2011

All Change

We've (ok I) had some progress on the current arrangements regarding our over cluttered home. {TH} decided to sell his PC. We have 4 PC's in this house (3 desktops 1 laptop), {TB}'s desktop which lives (out of my sight) in his bedroom, my desktop which lives in the lounge, {TH}'s desktop which lives in the corner of the dining room and {TH}'s laptop. Now, ignoring {TB}'s comp, out of the 3 left, the only one to get used daily is mine. I keep everything on mine, bill payment dates, available cash etc etc. So it's always my machine that gets turned on, plus I have to check my mail and blog everyday hehe. So {TH} decided it was time for his desktop to go, several phone calls later and we have some interest, but no confirmed 'yes I'll have it'. 

This meant it freed up a corner in the dining room. So we have moved my pc and desk from the lounge into the dining room where {TH}'s used to be. {TH}'s desk has been dismantled and popped in the garage, the pc itself, monitor and bits have been boxed up ready for whoever buys it. I'm no longer crammed in the corner of the lounge, I'm in the corner of the dining room instead, but I do have a little more room to move and I no longer need to struggle to study on my desk, as the dining table is behind me, so I can literally swivel between the two.

We also made the (hard) decision to rehome our 3 corn snakes. They live in my lounge at the moment in a 4' tank on a 5' table. It takes up quite a chunk of the lounge. So they are going to live with my mum in her art studio. This means we can rejig the lounge and have a litte more space in there. As much as I love the snakes we just don't have the room for them anymore. So hopefully next weekend they will be going to their new home.

Another decision we made (told you it was all change) is too move the tv and games console out of the bay window in the dining room and pop it (on a smaller table) in the hall (under the stairs) There's plenty of room under the stairs and all we need to buy are a couple of bean bags for the kids to sit on. Meaning the coffee table the tv and console are currently on, can once again be a coffee table in the lounge. The crafty stuff of the kids that was hidden stored under the table is being moved the cupboard in the garage (safe from leakages). It's easier to access at weekends and holidays when the kids want to play/use it. While mooching through the cupboard in the garage, I found a set of craft drawers {B} got for xmas a few years ago. It's empty of all the crafty items now but we kept the drawers just in case they ever came in useful. I'm going to bring them inside, give them a wipe over and can put all their colouring stuff in them and hopefully their colouring boos will fit too. It's not huge so won't be too much of an issue to find a nice (neat) little home for it (I hope)

All in all, I think it's been quite a productive day. We are moving the snake tank tomorrow to another part of the lounge,s o we can put a sofa where the tank currently is, then once the snakes go, a table with a lamp on will go in its place. We have it all planned out and are quite happy with ourselves today. There's still a few things that nat tweaking here and there, but overall it seems to be coming together. Unfortnatly I don't have any before/after pictures of what we have done today, mainly due to my camera being dead. I've got it on charge now and will take some pics in the morning, of how things are now, half way through and then when everything is moved, some more.

I also checked the Avon site again and the bag I ordered is now online so I grabbed a pic to show you all. I think it's just fabby and for a fiver I just couldn't say no hehe. Click the pic to visit Avon's site

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