Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Lounge

Phew! The lounge is almost complete. My mum is no longer having the snakes, so we are going to sell them. They will be advertised for sale on Monday and hopefully will be gone soon. We have moved their tank to where my pc used to be and moved the rest of furniture round. When the snakes go, we will put a table in the corner with the lamp on. Then all we need to do is paint the walls, {TH} and I are still arguing trying to agree on a colour for the chimney breast. We've agreed to a cream on the other 3 walls. I suggested we get some new curtains and cushion covers first and then we can paint the chimney breast to match, rather than painting and then trying to find curtains and cushion covers to match. We are still umming and arrring over whether to replace the very 70's carpet with something plain or buy a large rug to cover the majority of it. We both agree that we dislike the carpet that is currently down. We did manage to 'thin' things out in the lounge and pop up somenew pictures. {TH} dismantled his car (its a racing seat I bought him a few years back for playing on the PS3) which took up a corner (and looked ugly). We moved the small stereo we have into the bedroom. The games and dvd's that clutter my fireplace will be moved Tuesday when books get moved to their new home (more on that below)

Before Pics of the Lounge
{Click pics for a larger view}

After Pics of the Lounge
{Click pics for a larger view}

While working on sorting the lounge out, it was inevitable that we would need to tackle the dining room and launchpad too as in typical fashion everything gets moved from one room to another while be sorted.

In the dining room, we have pushed the table right back into the corner of the room and  put 2 of the chairs in the garage. These days its rare that all 5 ({TB} rarely eats at home) sit down together, so we just kept 4 chairs out. When we do all sit together it's not problem to either bring a chair in or use my desk chair. So with the table sitting snug in the corner it gave up more open space in the dining room. My desk is sitting in the opposite corner to the table. In the corner between the doors we had a plant (you can see pics in this post HERE) unfortunatly despite {TH}'s best efforts this plant was very poorly, I know it looks very healthy in the pic but he was poorly. It was losing leaves left, right and center and even the new shoots were dropping. So {TH} has popped him in the garden, in a sheltered area but still getting sunlight. We will see how it fairs out there. This left a space in the dining room which looked just too bare. Much to {TH}'s annoyance I decided it would be perfect for a bookcase. {TH} wasn't happy as for days I've been moaning about wanting more space, I get space and want to fill it lol. I found a nice slimline tall bookcase that arrives on Tuesday. This means the books in the living room can be moved and the books cuurently cluttering my desk will have a a home too. As it's slim it won't be an obstruction and I think will suit the corner just lovely.

This is the bookcase we have decided on. We went for a dark wood to match the fire, as thats quite a dark wood.
We also took the kids tv and console from in the bay window. It turned out the tv they were using was too big to sit nicely under the stairs on the small table, so we swapped it for a portable we had in the garage. Until I can get them some bean bags they have cushions off my sofa, but the kids are happy with it. They are not in the way and can have sounds on their games now without it bugging everyone else. 

{TH}'s pc has gone. We got a buyer for that this morning. My mum came round to pick up the case I got her for new phone and drop off the most fabby pics for me, just by chance we asked if she knew anyone and she said she could do with a new one. So its gone to my mum, we didn't get as much as we wanted originally as we said my mum could have it cheaper. We're happy and she's happy and thats what matters. Plus as she pointed out to me, we've had over £1000 ($1,625) worth of artwork from her in the last few months (2 originals and 4 framed prints). Haven't found anyone who wants the desk yet, but as it's dismantled its not really taking up much room in the garage.

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