Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Dining Room

Following on from my previous post here are the before and after pictures of the dining room. The corner thats totally empty is where my bookcase is going when it arrives on Tuesday

Before Pics
{Click pics for larger view}

You can't actually see the table with console and tv as the kids were playing it when I took the pics lol

After Pics
(yes my desk is still a mess lol but its a constant work in progress)

 {Click pics for larger view} 

I will take some more pics on Tuesday once my bookcase is here and filled my books and the games/dvds that surround my fire have been moved too. Finally I feel it is coming together nicely. It's taking time and we are doing it bit by bit when we can afford to, but all in all I'm happy with how things are plodding along.

{TH} is hopefully going to the diy store tomorrow to get the bits needed to sort the doors out. As you will notice from the various pics, there are no doors between the lounge and dining room or the dining room and launchpad.When we moved in there were bi-fold doors in the both these places, however they were awful. They have fake wood in the center and patterned perspex top and bottom. So {TH} took them down while we got together the money to make them look better. We now have somemoney aside to do at least one set of the doors (hopefully both). The plan is to get very thin ply or mdf and cover it in sticky back plastic. Not sure if we're going for a wood look or something plain, but hopefully by Tuesday I should have at least one set of doors back up. I'm at college tomorrow evening so {TH}is taking advantage and doing the work while I'm out. He'll go get all the stuff in the day and once the kids go to bed start work on putting the doors back together. I can't wait.

Now all I have left to do is convice {TH} that the chimney breast wall in the dining room would look much better painted purple to match the flowers on the curtains

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