Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Launchpad (part 1)

My launchpad is now technically 2 spaces. The main enternace are, where coat hoos, shelf for keys and the mirror are. Then the 2nd part, where the kids tv and console is (under the stairs), the butchers block and dart board are. I've cleaned and tidied the first part. We have some damp that is becoming black mold, I can't clean this myself so I'm going to get {TH} to grab some special cleaners and get him to do, I also need to speak to our landlady and see if we can fix what ever is causing the damp. It's either directly outisde the front door or in the garage.

Before Pics
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 After the coats where moved
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After hoovering and wiping all the area's down. There are some stains on my front door that just won't shift, I don't even know what they are but no amount of scrubbing was shifting them!

I ran out of glass cleaner and didn't have the ingrediants to make my own, so I wiped my mirror down as best I could and dried it off with a micro-fibre cloth. It's still streaky, but it's clean. I will grab some glass cleaner next time I go the the shopping center (or will add it to {TH}'s shopping list).

I rehung the coats, bags and hats in a tidy order and left a space for {TH}'s (he's out at the moment). Left the landlady's mail on the window sill, I'm going to grab a mail rack next time I'm at the shops. I also removed all un-nessassry junk from the shelf, leaving just the front door key. The yellow post it on the door, has to stay there as it's to remind {TB) to lock and post the key through when he goes out. He refuses to have his own key (he's 17) but also forgets to lock the door, so this post it has to live there so he remembers.  I moved my posh coat from being hung on a ahnger on the coat rack to the wardrobe. I think that alone makes the coats look a little neater.

After Pics

For some reason blogger has rotated this image and I can't get it the right way
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Part 2 of the launchpad should be completed soon 

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