Saturday, 5 March 2011

Utility Room

It seems I don't have the pics from the utility room before the washer was moved, I remember taking them but I must have deleted them before I moved them to my pc. Or it's possible that were accidently deleted when I cleaned my hard drive(s) up the other week. Although I am still annoyed with myself for doing this. Oh well lives and learns I guess.

So no before pics but I do have some after pics and can talk you through how it was before.
I found one!!! Just one before picture but it's one

This is before (excuse the washing) My dryer is tucked into the corner with just enough room for the ironing board next to it. Opposite the dryer is the bedroom door and tucked away next to the door is our wardrobe.

After we moved the washer the utility room looks like this

My washer is now where the dryer used to be, but due to the pipes it has to face the doorway to the utility room. Next to the washer is my wardrobe and in the place my wardrobe used to be is my dryer. My washer and dryer are in a right state, we have no idea how our washer got so rusty on the front, but {TH} is going to treat it and give it a makover with some spray paint. My dryer, as you can see in the pic has a huge chunk missing off the top of it, this is where {TH} spilt battery acid on it! Again {TH} is going to fix it and makeit look pretty again.
{TH} added the extention lead part way up the wall, as the sockets in the hallway are hidden by the butchers block and it can be a royal pita moving that each time I need to plug the hoover or iron in. 
The curtains are the old ones from the dining room, the fit there really nicely and although don't keep the noise of the washer or down out they make sure it's hidden from general view.

I don't know if you remember a few weeks ago my hoover bust and we bought a nice shiny new Dyson, well when {TH} went to the auction the other nigt he picked up a dyson city vac for just £10!!! ($16). It's in excellent condition, a little dirty and some of the tools are missing, but it works brilliantly and is great on my wood and tiles floors. We are going to keep them both he got the city vac to make it easier to do the stairs and it now lived on top of my washing machine. Once I get my shelf (bucket) above the washer the city vac will move to living above the dryer instead.

I'm (we're) getting there slowly and I'm feeling a happier person for it all, now if I could just get those 'hot spots' sorted (forever) I'd be even happier lol


  1. Wow, looking awesome.
    You've worked so hard on all this.

  2. Thanks Kia, it's hard getting it all done but I am starting to feel so much better in myself with every little job we get done. Even though there are still a few things I want to do in there, the bulk of the work is done and it's just the prettifing left to do.
    Maybe a clear home does equal a clear mind