Saturday, 5 March 2011

Hot Spots!!!

Every house MUST have these. One of my best friends has an immaculate house (I hate her lol) but the little table she has in the kitchen is her hot spot. My aunt also has a super tidy house, with the exception of the table in the hall, her hot spot. Me and my house, we have 2 hot spots, well probably more but 2 hot hot spots

  • The Butcher's Block
    This should live in the kitchen but it doesn't fit, so it lives in the hallway just outside the utility room (it actually hides the sockets and wires). Now the has one wooden draw and 2 basket draws. Veg and spuds live in the basket draws, the wooden drawer is yet another junk drawer. The top however, well thats a hot hot hot spot! On top of that at the moment
    • {TH}'s jacket
    • One of my many handbags
    • A carrier bag filled with rubbish
    • A can of lubricant
    • Tub of sudacrem
    And that is just what I can see by moving my chair over!
You want to see it? Really? Ok then...........
on closer inspection I found a collection Sims games, some of {S}'s tops, screwdriver bits, darts bits, my cash tin and lots of other crap!

  • The Kitchen Side next to the Toaster
    This area has, since we lived in this house been a hot spot. It doesn't matter what piece of kitchen equipment I put there it attracts crap.
    • A carrier bag (empty)
    • A tub filled with crap
    • Battery charger
    • {S} wallet (also empty hehe)
    • A pencil
    • A jar of tea lights (my fault)
    • A duster
    • A christmas card from {TB} to {TH} 
    • A tin (containing little glue sticks)
    • A certificate 
Now the only things that should be on that side are the toaster and bread bin!
So where oh where does this other crap come from and who puts it there? Yes I am guilty of putting the jar of tea lights there. The tea lights used to live in another jar, but they didn't all fit, so I moved them to another jar (and re-used the other one) I was wandering round with them in my hands thinking where was the best place for them to live where they ere easy to find and access (should we suffer a power cut). The door bell went while I was thinking so I popped them down and answered the door, then in my normal manner totally forgot what I was doing before the door and went and did something totally different! 

So my personal challenge to myself today is to clear these 2 areas and put everything away (or find homes for everything). I'm hoping if I do it people will stop dumping stuff, I doubt it but it's sure worth a try. Hopefully later I will be able to share pics of beautifully clear hot spots

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