Friday, 4 March 2011


Some days it's nice to dream about the perfect home I want to live in, that has room for everything and everyone, reality is never normally far away with a beep of the dishasher or the washing machine trying to escape its confines while on a fast spin. I love to watch Homes Under The Hammer on BBC1 (I now record to watch in the evening) and I also love Grand Designs. I like taking ideas from some on the results and concepts I see of these shows, some people are just barmy (in my opinion) with what they do with some wonderful spaces, yet most give me little ideas.
This morning, before school - yes I had time to play n the internet before we left for school, I think someone put fireworks up my kids bums this morning lol they were so organised and fast at getting ready (I wish every morning was like that!) anyway, I was looking on the Ideal Home site {here} and they have some lovely inspirational idea's. Some there is no way (until I win the lottery) I could incorporate them into my busy home, but others, little things are just too fabby for words

I love this clock! {TH} will say that for a clock it's a tad expensive at £34.90 ($56.71) inc delivery, but I think it would make a lovely feature if put on a wall on its own. Of course as it's got clips the images can be changed to match the season or with updated pictures of the kidlets. It's got so many options. You can find it {here}. Lots of other goodies on this site too.

Another idea I think is just fabby and could be applied anywhere in the home (within reason of course). It's just jam jars with covered lids, the lids are then glued to the shelf (or whatever) and you simply unscrew the jar to get at the contents. A great space saving idea

Another great idea but am unsure exactly how it was done. They are round magnets stuck on a piece of glass. I just like the funky-ness of it. Not sure it's something I could (or would) place in my home but I do like the overall look of it.

Totally impractical for my lot, as I would find this stuffed with god knows what but I do think it looks great

I've spent ages on ebay looking for these today, I think rather than a shelf in my new utility room one or two of these would look amazing. Although my walls are quite light in colour I still think this would look great. Now if I could just find some for sale....It looks like something I might find at a garden center and as spring is on its way I'm going to ask my mum to keep a look out as she loves to wander round garden centers buying more plants to fill her already rather full garden.

Now this image as really got me thinking. I want to make my own blackboard based on some idea's from blogs and magazine, but now I've seen this, well this is what I want lol. For me it would need to be a little bigger or it would look lost on the wall I have planned for it. It will work out cheaper to make too.

Beautiful room, but it's the mirror I want/need. So I feel some more searching this evening to see if I can find something similar

So that was dreaming for today. Just waiting on my camera to be fully charged and I can finally take those after pictures! Will explain the missing lead with my post later on. I have to go to school early today ad {B} has been involved in the building of a tudor house today and parents are invited to go along and see it from 2:30 onwards. So need my camera for that too.

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