Friday, 4 March 2011

Lounge Pictures

As promised here I am with some of the many pictures I owe my blog, I will try to get the others taken and posted tonight.

Ok lets start with some before pics, these first two are taken from another blog post, the 2nd two are what I took before {TH} started on the door refurb. You can see why we so desperatly wanted to get these doors refurbed!

And after the doors had their makeover

How much better do they look now? I know they are still not 'quite' right but I am trying to work out exactly what to do with them, whether to paint the wood effect parts or whether to try and get some colour/pattern onto the white parts. I was thinking maybe those decals you can get from ebay, but not sure yet.

The fire place after it's make over and chimney breast painting

And some more pics

{TH} went to an auction the other night and picked up these candle sticks for £4($6.50). The candles on top are fake, they have batteries in them and little LED light that flickers, those were from the local PoundShop. They also smell of vanilla, yummy!

It looks like (at some point) someone has tried to fill over the pattern on the candle sticks with plaster, we think it adds to the charm
 {TH} picked these blue cabdles up from the PoundShop too, they also smell of vanilla and the colour picks up with the flowers sat witning the fireplace.
These are the vases {TH} and I put together last week

 A close up shot of the beads, they are green and red but match up quite well
{TH} picked up 2 of these canvas pictures (again from the PoundShop) we have one in each alcove until we get the shelves put up. The purple is just a few shades darker than what we used on the chimney breast.
Another of {TH}'s bargains! Though I'm desperate to replace it with the clock in my last post

It's all coming together quite nicely now. We need to get some paint and paint the other 3 walls and ceiling. I also want to replace the red cushion covers {TH} got a few weeks back with purple or blue (teal) ones. Then the curtains are to be replaced but as my window is quite big it's going to cost a small fortune. However I was told the other day I can get a pole that I can bend to the shape of my half bay window and then that awful track can go and I can get nice curtains. {TH}'s aunty suggested layering the curtains, which means buying 2 pairs in 2 colous and putting them up together but overlapping. Not sure exactly how, but she has offered to help. She suggested getting a solid dark colour and then a patterned curtain with a hint of the solid colour in.

Hopefully I'll be back later with more pics

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