Saturday, 5 March 2011

Cuppa Time

I admit I am typically British and love my tea - hot, sweet with milk. Though I DO NOT drink out of china teacups with a saucer, neither do I use a teapot, my tea comes in mugs varing in size, colour and style but mugs all the same. Preferably Tetley teabags, but at the moment PG Tips (they were on offer in Tesco last week when I needed teabags) Anyway I can't function in the morning without my morning cuppa (or 3), I need a cuppa before I start anything, part way through the task and of course at the end. I admit I drink waaaaay too much tea. Someone (can't actually remember who) advised me to switch to decaf tea as I drink so much of it. I tried it and I didn't like it! I need not only my tea fix but also my caffine fix. I occationally drink coffee, but I have to have that uber strong and black with no sugar, when I say strong I put 2 teaspoons of coffee in my mug, not just one. {TH} likes strong coffee too, so if I'm having a coffee day I will put the coffee machine on and {TH} and I will drink coffee all day. Unlike a lot of people coffee does not keep me awake or give me that 'kick' people claim to get (what coffee do they drink?)

So why this random post about tea and coffee? To be totally honest I don't know lol. I am part way through my task of tackling those awful hot spots and taking a (well deserved) tea break. {TH} is playing COD, so I can't watch TV, {S} is playing on the laptop at the table, {B} and {LM} are colouring at the table (on paper not my table I hope) so that leaves me sat at my desk, staring at a blank screen, not fun. So I may as well blog about my boredom lol

What did I do before I blogged? I know the answer to that, I used to make tags for people to use on social networking sites/forums etc etc, but since I got bit by the decluttering and organising bug I just don't seem to want to do this anymore. It makes me quite sad as I have a (paid) website with hundred of tutorials to teach other people to create tags. I have on numerous occations opened my PaintShopPro programme and stared at it, nothing. I also used to play Warcraft, but that took over my life as it does alot of people so that had to go. I only started playing as both {TH} and {TB} played. In the old house we had 3 pc's in our lounge/diner and they would be waffling on about Warcraft, so I decided to play too. I played on and off for 2 years but I just couldn't take it anymore. In fact when {TH} got me a new pc it, we spent days finding one we could afford that would be handle Warcraft, it's very graphics intense and needs quite alot of uumph lol. So I've left my Warcraft and PSP (paintshop pro) days behind and am trying to become more organised and clutter free. In the few things we have done so far round the house, its made me feel better in myself. I know where things are (not everything) but most things are getting a home and learning to live there. The kidlets are learning to put everything most things away after they have finished using the, like all kids they need a poke and reminder sometimes. I am increasing the things I make them so, like putting their own dishes in the dishwasher when they finish their meals. I'm feeling so much more relaxed at home as I'm not sat in a room filled with crap clutter the whole house has a more realxed feel to it, lived in and loved not unloved. I still need to learn to do some things straight away, like laundry. I do my washing daily, sometimes 2 or 3 loads per day (I wait till we have a full load to wash towels) but I hate folding and putting away, no I don't hate it, I completely detest it and will choose to clean the loo over that! So I end up with baskets piled high with clothes waiting to be folded and put away, I have to root through baskets to find things and then spend twie as long ironing them as they've been screwed up in a basket for a week. I really need to remedy this, but I'm not sure how to go about? 

If any of my readers/followers have ANY idea's on how I can force myself to fold and put away that washing straight awy I would love to hear them. This is my biggest downfall and it annoys everyone in the house yet before anyone suggests getting {TH} or one of the kidlets to help me - no chance. If {TH} helped I'd end up redoing everything as he can't for toffee and doesn't know which girl owns which clothes!


  1. Have you got your free samples of tea from Twinnings? I don't drink tea or coffee very often but when I do tea is sweet and milky and coffee has to be strong.
    You inspired today's post over @ A View From Here ;)

  2. Free samples - nope
    Off to find out more about them.
    I have my tea quite strong, with plenty of cow, what is it with people when I strong tea they just put in less milk?