Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Pictures for my huge blog post below will be coming soon. I always, repeat always, charge the battery for my camera in the lounge. The socket is a bugger to get to, so I leave an 8pin plugged in all the time, this way I just need to plug my battery thingie-me-jig in and away I go, or {TH} can plug the camcorder thingie-me-jig in to charge the camcorder. It's lived there, well for ever. I took a few shots of the doors before the refurb and I have pics of my pc (or already on the blog) of other areas that have been worked on, so all I need now are the after shots. However, my 8pin has grown legs, unplugged itself and wandered off. {TH} claims to know nothing about the missing 8pin and neither does {TB}. I know I didn't move it, why would I? So one of them has moved it and I have no idea where it has gone. I've checked the obvious place - The Man Drawer. Out of the (what felt like) 100's of leads in that draw none of them are an 8pin. The only other one I know of is plugged into the back of {TH}'s PS3 and as he's currently (obsessed with) playing COD - Black Ops I can't pinch borrow that one. It's now almost 10:30pm and I have PJ's to iron (the kids & I have pj day at school tomorrow) so I don' have time (nor the energy) to turn the house upside down. I will unplug the PS3 in the morning before school and charge my camera so I can take some after pics and fingers crossed will get them posted tomorrow evening.

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