Wednesday, 2 February 2011

WonderWoman? I Doubt It.....

....for many reasons, one being that thanks to my little darlings, I no longer have the figure for than awesome costume WW wears, it would do nothing for me except show the whole world (and his wife) all my lumps and bumps. I don't like the hubby seeing those let alone total strangers! lol

There are so many awesome blogs out there in blog-o-sphere and so many of them are there to help the lost souls (like myself) achieve the small things in life so many take for granted. I am not and to be honest do not ever see myself being the domestic goddess I dream to be. My organisation skills leave alot to be desired, in fact I think I have zero on that score, ok well maybe not a zero, as I do manage to get my children off to school in a clean ironed uniform each day, so I must have some organising skills albeit on the very low end of the scale.

However, I do dream to one day be a domestic goddess (as well as a wife, mum and Teaching Assistant - more on that in a min) taking it one baby step at a time, afterall one has to learn to walk before one can run, and I need to learn to crawl first.

Over the course of the next few months (I hope) to have myself more organised and have a nice little system so everything that needs to be done, actually gets done (and not at the last minute hehe) As I mentioned there are lots of blogs out there to help me tackle this, one day at a time. Due to my own personal life I may do things a little differently but I really hope to get there. 

I am also hoping that all this will help me manage my time better. I am first and foremost a mum to 4 delightful little devils...hehe known as The Brat (my 17yr old son), Boo (my 9yr old daughter), Scoop (my 7yr old son) and Little Miss (my 5yr old daughter). I am a first year student, studying to become a Teaching Assistant (TA), this involves one night a week at college, 2 mornings at my childrens school (not in their class') and various hours spent staring at paperwork and the pc, completing my assignments. And just in case I 'thought' I had some spare time...I am also a parent governor at mychildrens school, this again involves time on my part, reading through minutes, attending meeting, observing class' (I am the numeracy governor) and spending time in my 'adopted' class. Add to this the fact that homes do not run themselves and that leaves a very tired Fi at the end of most days lol.

So I am in for an entire life-style change. If I can get my home running smoother, then I feel (and hope) the rest will fall (or get gently pushed) into place, leaving me with slightly more time on my hands, less stressed and of course organised!

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