Saturday, 5 February 2011

Day Two

I said last night I was going to make a start on the en-suite. So off I trotted to tackle it. My en-suite is not like most peoples en-suite, I have my washing machine in mine!
A little background - {TH} had an accident at work a few (7) years ago. He suffered with break to his pelvis, fractures to his hip and some other minor injuries, this makes walking, sitting for long periods, standing and climbing stairs (among other things) difficult for him. Things were getting harder for him in the house we lived in so we moved to a house that had a downstairs bedroom and bathroom. This meant he didn't have to climb stairs several times a day. 
Now as lovely (and big) as our house is, there was no way I could get a washing machine and dishwasher in my kitchen. Not without ripping my kitchen apart and as we rent I'm not sure my landlady would be impressed with that. So with some clever additions to the existing pipework (thank you B&Q) in my en-suite we managed to get the washer plumbed in there. It's actually quite handy
So cleaning the en-suite means also cleaning the washer too.

Here are some (very untidy) before shots of my en-suite. I must add I took these yesterday, you can see the wicker basket (thats now under my desk) on top of the washer. I took it in there to give it a quick spray with some frebreeze and while there decided to take the pics of my bathroom hehe as I knew it was next on my hit list!

 {Click pics for larger view}
First, I cleaned off the top of the washer, wiped it all over with some all purpose cleaner. Wiped all the bottles and the washing powder tub and put them back on top. The I took the powder drawer out and scrubbed that clean. Before than went back in I wiped down the front of the washer too.
I then realised my mistake.
All the bottles from the end of the bath needed to go somewhere so I could clean the tiles. So I took all the bottle off and wiped them down and popped them on the washer, this left me with a nice clear surface to clean. As I was doing this properlythat meant cleaning all the tiles. My en-suite is tiled floor to ceiling. So onto the bath I jumped and set about cleaning all the tiles. BIG MISTAKE.
The bath was still a little damp, meaning I now had wet trainers and was balanced on the sides of the bath, so I bet you can guess what happened next.
Yep, thats right, I lost my footing and ended up on the floor in some pain. There was nothing to grab hold of to break my fall, so I just fell. {TH} came and picked me up off the floor and checked me over. I was then instructed to go and sit down while {TH} made me a cuppa, he also told me what a daft cow I was! So my evenng of cleaning ended there. 

I'm feeling much better today and have managed tackle the rest of the en-suite today. My back is much better, however I have a little twinge in my wrist, nothing major though and it could have been much worse.
Back to the en-suite. I still had some tiles along the wall I needed to clean, but decided to grab a chair and stand on that instead to finish. It was quite surpising how much filth was on those tiles, it wasn't noticable till I started cleaning them.
  {Click pics for larger view}

I then worked my way round the bathroom, throwing away junk and cleaning I used a multi-purpose cleaner to clean everything, except the loo with got a good dose of Bloo Loo (lime) which leaves the bathroom smelling really fresh.
I scrubbed the sink with washing powder first as the soap and toothpaste was welded to the sink. I got rid of the various cups that cluttered my bathroom and found another bucket to pop toothbrushes in. I found and cleaned all the razor bed so they don't need to be loose on the sink/bath or in a cup. Een though {TH} told me to throw one of them away I kept it. The blades for his Gillette razor are really expensive compared to this Wilkinson Sword one. However I know at some point the Gillette ones will be on offer somewhere. So I kept the razor handle for such a time. 
An hour or so later and I have a sparkling en-suite. The only problem is, that in my fall yesterday I managed to rip half of the shower curtain down with me. So it's a little brken now. Half of it is still attached the other half isn't. So I just tucked it behind the towel rail, it will have to do until I can grab another next week.

I am now just waiting for the floor to dry so I can sweep it out and remop. I also need to desperatly replace the flooring in my en-suite. The marks in front of the bath just refuse to come clean, so a new floor is needed.

Now my plan of action was to sort the bedroom out after doing the en-suite, but I have tickets for gig tonight. I've not been to a gig in years. {TH}'s aunty has got tickets for a few of us to go tonight, so we're having a proper girlie night out. Which means I need to beautify myself. Now this would be 100 times easier if my bedroom wasn't so cluttered, BUT my goal with all this is to clean properly and de-clutter, if I start doing that now I won't have enough time to make myself stunningly sexy for my girls night out and that just won't do. I know you agree with me. So my camera is on charge, my clothes are hung waiting to have the iron ran over them and I'm having a weel earned cuppa before I whip the kids up a quick tea and start getting ready

Will continue with my task and the 21 days challege tomorrow (if I'm not too hung over lol)

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